The Sospiro History

History Of The Name

The history of the name “sospiro” dates back to the  sixteenth century, in Rome. The Vatican controlled all the  economy at that time, and the taxes on wine brought in a  lot of revenue. 

The restauranteurs in that period, in the mid-1500s,  served wine in terracotta or metal containers, often using  the container fraudulently, not pouring it up to the right  measure.  

To avoid this malpractice, Pope Sixtus V, born Felice  Peretti (1521-1590), decided to put an end to containers in  which the wine was not visible, and to supply all the  taverns with glass containers in such a way that one could  control the exact calibration of the wine that the innkeeper  served him. 


Accolades Of Time Down To The Glass

The glass container were with a narrow neck and a wide  mouth, and had to bear the plumbing of the Apostolic  Camera, the Ministry of Pontifical finances.

In 1588 the Pope promulgated the order, which obliged  the innkeepers to use the new glass measures: 

1 Liter = TUBBO  

½ Liter = FOJETTA. 

¼ Liter = ½ FOJETTA or QUARTINO 

1/5 of Liter = CHIERICHETTO (the young boy serving at  the altar during Sunday Mass or liturgical celebrations) 1/10 of Liter = SOSPIRO, or SOTTOVOCE (it was so  called because the customer, ashamed of not having more  money to buy a bigger quantity of wine, used to order it  speaking in a low voice, almost whispering…



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